Owner Financed Home Advantages

Easy to Qualify

There are many advantages of buying a home using owner financing.  The biggest advantage is that it is usually much easier to qualify for the loan using seller financing.  As a matter of fact, at Easy Buy Homes, you only need to come up with the down payment and you are qualified.  You need to make sure that you can make the payments but you won’t be turned down for your loan with our program as long as you have the required down payment.  People with the following challenges: bad credit, self employed, divorced, people who filed bankruptcy or had previous foreclosures can still buy a home.

Lower Closing Costs

Another advantage of owner financing is that there are much lower closing costs and sometimes NO closing costs.  You may be thinking “How is this possible?” but with Easy Buy Homes it is possible.  With a traditional loan you can have up to 4% of the sales price in closing costs.  Most of these fees are required by the lender and they all serve one purpose….to make the lender more money.  Since we are able to close a loan without them, it stands to reason that all the fees required with a traditional loan are fees that were created by the banks.  Some are necessary but most are not.  Because our costs are so low, we are willing to pay them when you make your down payment.  ith the right down payment we are willing to pay or waive these fees so that ALL of the money you give us goes towards the price of the home and you have more equity faster.

Shorter Term Loan

Yet another advantage of financing using owner financing is that we structure your loan on a 20 year term or less to insure that you are paying down your home and gaining more equity with each payment.  This is important because you are owning more of your home with each payment and this gives the lender, our company, security that we will be less likely to have to foreclose on the home because when you have paid off a large portion of your home you can always sell it if you get in trouble.

Fast Closing

With owner financing, you also don’t have to wait 30-45 days to close.  Our loans can close as fast as 7 days but typically it takes about 2 weeks.

Owner Finance Benefits

As you can see, with owner financing you can qualify easily, close with little or no closing costs while gaining equity faster than traditional loans and close in less than 2 weeks.  This is why more and more people are choosing owner financing as an option each and every day.

Why Choose Owner Financing
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Why Choose Owner Financing
The biggest advantage of owner financing is that it is usually much easier to qualify for the loan using seller financing.